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Lexington, Michigan 48450
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Monday - Saturday: 10am-5p
Sunday: 11am-5pm
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    We are the Kaspers and we are known as the Mom and Pop shop where the Pop is the fudge maker! With a growing family, my wife and I bought the business in the summer of 1989. For 28 years we have been passionate about making the best fudge possible. We enjoy serving my community fresh, creamy fudge and take pride in being the sweetest place in Lexington, Michigan.

  Along with fresh fudge, our shop has a variety of chocolates, all the Lexington Spirit wear that you need and fun personalized gifts. We take pride in that when you support a small bushiness, you're supporting a dream. My personal goal is to a simplify life a little more with online orders as to continue to serve our loyal and dedicated customers and possibly gain a few more!  As our family continues to grow we will continue to serve you the best fudge you have ever tasted. 


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Joseph & Paula Kasper

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